• Clinically tested, for children, for allergy sufferers, for asthmatics. Patented water splitting mechanism in the Medium Droplet Spray.
  • If you are familiar with mountain waterfalls, or you remember how pleasant the sea breeze is, you already know how the Medium Droplet spray feels.



Tested in the Pneumonology and Children Allergology Clinic in Poznań


Cleans the air of smog, dust, fungi and bacteria. Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences


Eliminates positively charged charges, eliminating fatigue


The steady hum of water splashed into a medium droplet spray ensures a restful sleep for your child, just like a “rustle bear”

Discover amazing features

Behind our invention are years of experience, discoveries and ingenious solutions. The Triada device generates a Medium Droplet Aerosol – a unique source of comfort for our respiratory system. At the same time, it cleans the air not only of smog – PM2.5 and PM10 particles but also of fungi and bacteria. Improves children’s sleep comfort.

Clinical tests

  • To sum up, it should be stated that a modern, efficient and safe TRIADA moisturizing device should be widely used in home as well as in hospital, sanatorium and outpatient settings.

Head of the Clinic: prof. dr hab. med. Jerzy Alkiewicz Department of Pediatric Pneumonology, Institute of Pediatrics, Medical University in Poznań

Medium droplet aerosol

This aerosol is created in nature, among others at the waterfall. The TRIADA humidifier is currently the only device in Poland available on the market that has a patented mechanism for breaking water into particles of the most suitable size for inhalations of the upper respiratory tract.

Device Features

• The basic functions of our device include humidification and purification of air from dust, fungi and bacteria in the air. At the Polish Academy of Sciences, the microbiological purity of air was tested during operation of the TRIADA humidifier. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with research lasting almost two years.