The mission of the company…

…is constant striving to satisfy the needs of all our customers by supplying them with innovative, high-quality products which will improve their health, mood and vitality.

Innovation for health and life is our motto, which we try to follow in our everyday activities.

Knowledge & Experience

Medcalm Poland Ltd is one of many companies being a part of DAKO Group Ltd located in Gniezno. It came into being in 2011. We have been dealing with different sectors of business activities since 2000 and have been present on the pharmaceutical market since 2006. Our team consists of experienced workers who have created a big distribution network all over Poland.

The values that our firm is guided by have been worked out by our workers in cooperation with our partners. 

The people who constitute our firm can boast long-standing professional competence gained while working for pharmaceutical firms.

The vision of the firm…

Our firm offers innovative, high-quality products whose effectiveness has been proved by clinical trials. In this way we improve the quality of life and ensure benefits for human health!

We conduct our outsourcing activities in the pharmaceutical industry. 

In the sales department we employ six key account specialists.

We cooperate with the biggest pharmaceutical wholesalers: Neuca, PGF, Farmacol, Slawex and pharmacy chains, pharmacies and purchase groups.

The pharmaceutical market in Poland has great potential. There are 14 450 pharmacies, 330 pharmacy chains, 48 purchase groups and 50 wholesalers. The pharmacies belonging to chains comprise 37 % of the market, which constitutes 48 % of the sale countrywide.

We are looking for manufacturers who would like their products to be distributed on the Polish market exclusively by our firm or to produce a medication for us on favourable financing conditions.

We would like to get to know the offer of your products to be distributed on the Polish market and the time that you need to realize the whole project from the moment of placing an order to the final stage. We are interested in a ready-made product to be distributed on the Polish market. 

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